High Fiber Dog Food

High Fiber Dog Food Ultimate Guide

High Fiber Dog Food

High Fiber Dog Food
Recent studies and trends indicate the importance of fiber not only in human diets but also in dogs. Fibers are the structural elements found in plants, which can change the way chemicals and nutrients are absorbed by the body into the gastrointestinal tract. That’s why a diet based on fiber is recommended for both human and canine that experience extra weight and imbalanced stools, such as constipation or diarrhea and irregularity (big pauses followed by often stools).

High Fiber Dog Food
However, changing a dog’s diet into a fiber-based one is rather difficult as dogs cannot tolerate as many foods as humans do. Hence, high fiber dog food may often be difficult to identify, purchase or administer. There are special dog foods high on fiber that proved to be efficient, as well as home-made methods that imply the feeding of regular vegetables or fruit, which is somewhat restrictive, but we will figure it out later in this article.

Regarding the commercialized dog food, there are a few brands that have proven popularity throughout dog raisers, as most breeds of dogs tolerate them and also have proven to be efficient in weight loss and stool regularity and consistence.

However, a dog’s diet must be carefully changed, by replacing it step by step. Add ¼ of portion of the new food to the old one and increase the ratio once in two days until complete replacement. Also, remember that fiber is not the only substance that your dog may lack when experiencing soft stools or constipation. That’s why you should check on the previous diet and see what it was mostly made of. If you used to feed your dog mainly dry food, then you should know that most of these foods contain excessive grains such as corn or rice flours. Hence, your dog, besides fiber, may need a protein-based diet that includes meat.

High Fiber Dog Food

Taste of the Wild dog food provides various typed of both dry and wet food for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The grain-free supply is recommended for overweight dogs. The canned food is recommended in order to add some protein to the diet. The best thing about this brand is that they use wild animals’ meat instead of the basic chicken, beef or lamb, used in common dry or wet foods. This way, you dog may experience a new taste which it will probably find more pleasant.

Wellness Dog Food is a complete dry food formula that provides the highest fiber ratio. To many this ratio may be too increased, therefore you should feed your dog just a small portion in addition to their regular food.

Blue Wilderness is a high protein and low-carbohydrate wet dog food that covers the necessary amount of protein coming from meat. It also meets the dog’s need of raw meat and it is a good choice over the raw diet (which implies your dog to be fed only raw meat and bones, considering their wild nature).

Generally, look for grain-free dog foods and feed them without worries. Surely that, after any changing in the dog’s diet, you should check on its health and consistence of stool, in order to verify whether the diet is working or not. Remember what you added and switch again.

High Fiber Dog Food
Throughout the home made supplements, the most popular one is adding a spoonful of canned pumpkin to the dog’s food. Pumpkin has the highest ratio of fiber and it is tolerated by the dog’s body. Make sure it is not a pumpkin pie mix as those usually contain sugar which can be poisonous for most dogs. Other good vegetables are sweet potatoes, green beans or peas.

Take into consideration that any fruit or vegetable fed to your dog MUST be cooked!

Another extra ingredient you can add is oatmeal, bran or whole-grain pasta. Do this, of course, when you’re sure that your dog eats insufficient amounts.

Among the forbidden fruits and vegetables that you should never feed your dog with are: avocado mushrooms, Aloe Vera, macadamia nuts, broccoli, onions, prunes, grapes, raisins and cherries.

High Fiber Dog Food
Surely that a veterinarian knows the best tips and pieces of advice for your dog, but they are not always disposed to give anything but medicines and special food that they distribute, which does not guarantee that your dog will eat it. So, here you have some tips and recommendations over the best ways to take control over your dog’s weight and health.

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Best Dog Food For Allergies

 The Best Dog Food For Allergies
The best dog food for allergies is going to differ from dog to dog for a variety of reasons. It can differ due to breed, age, local water contaminants, ingredients used in commercial foods like preservatives and more; but, the most common are caused by actual foods themselves and usually within either proteins, carbohydrates or both.

It's not unusual to have a combination of factors come into play such as a protein being no problem until the dog reaches a certain state of maturity that causes a change in its physiology. The truth is that even today it's difficult to find out why certain things cause allergies at certain times. However, we know a lot about the symptoms to look for and how to treat them.

Common symptoms of all dog allergies are scratching and itching of the feet, armpits, ears and other parts of the face and also around the anus. You'll notice that your dog spends most if its days looking for ways to rub or scratch the areas in question. You will also be able to see a noticeable difference in the area that's bothering the dog. It'll look off color with possibly some hair loss and scabbing.

Don't confuse food allergy symptoms with toxic food symptoms. The two are not related in any way. Toxic food symptoms are serious and will be recognized by recurring vomiting and diarrhea and should be treated as a serious issue. You will want to take your dog to the vet right away. Remember that being allergic to a certain food does not mean that it is toxic.

Only about 10% of dog allergies are found to be food related. Since the symptoms of allergies of all types in dogs are for the most part the same you may need a little help in figuring out if it's food related or not. A veterinarian may conclude that it's probably not food related and prescribe some antibiotics to fight off the infections.

Antibiotics will work against all allergies and will cure the symptoms even if the problem is food related. However, when the antibiotics are discontinued, the food related symptoms will return if the dog's diet hasn't changed. So, if nobody was certain about the cause before the antibiotics were administered; if the symptoms return within a week or so there is an extreme probability that the cause is food related.

Once it has been determined that the allergy is food related it's time to implement a food trial. What a food trial basically consists of is altering or replacing the current regular food with something completely different. You'll have to run the food test for 12 weeks to be certain of the results.

If your dog is on a commercial dog food regimen you could start by comparing ingredients and switching to the one that is the most different from the current one. It might work or it might not. Commercial brands may or may not differ enough to matter concerning allergies. Their list of ingredients and nutritional information may differ some but the recipe that's actually followed in the manufacturing process won't. It is established by a governmental agency and can't be varied from enough to matter.

If you are making homemade recipes for your dog at home then you can absolutely find and eliminate the problem ingredient and replace it with another similar ingredient.

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Wellness Core Dog Food

Wellness Core Dog Food The Ultimate Review
Wellness Core Dog Food
Wellness core original formula dry dog

-This is the most nutritious wellness core dog food

-It contains healthy and recommended ingredients for your dog. 

-This therefore greatly boosts your dog’s growth and development. 

-The main ingredients comprise of: average fats and calorie, calcium, phosphorous and minerals like iron and zinc

-It also contains high quality but low ash content meat. This makes it very healthy for the dog’s growth. 

-This food does not contain any grain and meat by-products. 

-These are ingredients not expected in highly rated dog’s food. 

-This implies this is the best food for your dog. 

-The food is also naturally free from gluten

-The meat content is very fit for your dog hence highly recommended diet. 

-It contains vitamins like: vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin 12 supplement, vitamin A supplement and riboflavin

-The percentages of proteins, fiber, carbs and calories are about 33%, 6.5%, 41% and 13% respectively. 

-These proportions make the food very palatable for your dog. 

-Your dog requires more water for easy feeding. 

Wellness core dry dog reduced at formula

-This is a tasty food for your dog. 

-Its taste makes it loved by many pets. 

-It is very nutritious hence healthy for your dog. 

-The ingredients ratios are in their correct percentages. 

-This enables it to provide the required nutrients leading to smooth and healthy growth in your dog. 

-The ingredients include: broccoli, spinach, parsley, fats and calorie

-The vitamins supplement consists of: vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin 12 and riboflavin

-There are mineral contents like iron and zinc

-It also consists of chicken meal, tomato pomace, peas, folic acid, ferrous sulfate and copper proteinate. Natural kitchen flavor, fiber, sweet potatoes and rosemary extract are also other main ingredients. 

-All these are very suitable ingredients for your dog’s growth and development hence highly recommended wellness core dog food

-It generally consists of about 37% protein and about 14% calorie.

Wellness core ocean formula dry dog food

-This palatable food has higher portion of proteins than the super5mix. 

-It also completely lacks the grains elements. 

-These are healthy requirements for your dog hence this is the best food. 

-It contains about 35% of protein and the fats amounts to about 15% and approximately 36% carbs

-These portions contribute high ingredient amount that is recommended for healthy dog’s growth. 

-These ingredients include: blueberries, kale, sweet potatoes, natural chicken flavor and potassium chloride

-Other basic ingredients comprise of chicken fats, carrots, beta-carotene, chondroitin sulfate, ferrous sulfate and green tea extract

-There are vitamins like riboflavin, vitamin A supplement, vitamin 12 supplements and vitamin D3 supplement. 

-These make it very suitable for your dog’s health.

Wellness core canned dog food

-This is a more palatable food for your dog. 

-It contains ingredients like fish and flax omega

-These will aid in the healthy skin and coat leading to smooth and smart body structure in your dog. 

-This wellness core dog food also has the vitamin supplements like: vitamin 12, vitamin A, vitamin D3 and riboflavin

-There are minerals like zinc sulfate, cooper sulfate and sodium selenite amongst other mineral components. 

-It contains fiber, rosemary extract, glucosamine hydrochloride, broccoli, kale and sweet potatoes

-It has the turkey meals, chicken meals, chicken fats and dried ground potatoes

-The percentages of these components include: fiber is about 7%, proteins at about 36%, about 17% for fats and carbs amounts to about 40%

-These are the recommended amounts hence very suitable for your dog.

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Pro Pac Dog Food

Pro Pac Dog Food Ultimate Review

Pro Pac Dog Food

Wells Pro Pac adult mini chunk super-premium dog food
Pro Pac Dog Food
-This is a high quality food for your pet. 

-It is nutritious with basic ingredients required by your dog. 

-Besides this it is also easy to digest hence allows you dog easy feeding time. 

-The food is also appetizing hence loved by many dogs. 

-You can manage your dog’s health by this smart food. 

-The main ingredient in this tasty Pro Pac dog food is chicken. This is form of both chicken meal and chicken fat

-There are vitamins like vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin E supplement and riboflavin supplement. 

-It also contains extra calorie

-This provides adequate energy and growth to your dog. 

-Its protein content is suitable for muscle and strong bone growth. 

-Besides these ingredients it also contains DHA. This is for your dog’s eye and brain development. Salt, zinc oxide, folic acid, copper proteinate and ferrous sulfate are also present in the food. 

-The percentage of these ingredients varies. Calories add to about 11%, proteins in about 22% and moisture in about 14%

Wells Pro Pac high performance dog food
Pro Pac Dog Food
-This is another excellent food for your pet. 

-It is very healthy and nutritious. 

-It contains the recommended ingredients for better growth and development for your dog. 

-The protein content is very suitable for the puppy and pregnant dogs. 

-This is to boost their fast and healthy growth. 

-It also boosts a healthy coat and skin. 

-The proteins are in form of omega-3 and omega-6. Calories are also contained in this Pro Pac dog food.

-All these properties makes the food very easy to digest and tasty. This makes it very suitable for your pet. 

-Vitamins like E, B12 and riboflavin supplements are contained in the food. 

-It also contains other ingredients like zinc oxide, biotin, folic acid and potassium chloride.

Wells Pro Pac large breed adult dog food
Pro Pac Dog Food
-This is an elegant and very nutritious food for your pet. 

-It is very suitable for both healthy skin and coat development. This is aided by the high percentage of proteins in the food. These are in form of omega-3 and omega-6.These are high quality ingredients required for your dog’s growth and development. 

-Besides protein it also contains enzymes like: glucosamine and chondroitin. Those are the key substances to healthy joint cartilage for your dog. 
-It also contains fats and carbohydrates

-These are suitable for big and giant breed dogs. 

-The percentages of these foods are about 11%, 23% and 13% for calories, proteins and minerals respectively. It is therefore one of the best foods for your dog’s healthy growth and development. 

-The vitamin supplements include: vitamin B6, B12, E and the riboflavin.

Well Pro Pac lamb meal and rice dog food
Pro Pac Dog Food
-This is a quality food with recommended ingredients for your pet. 

-The nutrients are very nutritious hence healthy growth for your dog. 

-The ingredients are very many that makes it a quality and reliable food for your dog. They include: vitamin E supplement, vitamin B12 supplement and riboflavin supplement. 

-The main ingredients include: brewers rice, lamb meal, rice gluten meal and chicken fat

-The other ingredients comprise of zinc oxide, calcium iodate, ferrous sulfate and folic acid. Salt, potassium chloride, choline chloride, yeast culture and Methionine Hydroxy Analogue are other ingredients. These make it more suitable and healthy for your dog.

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Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

Learn More about the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls 

Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

-Pitbulls belong to a special breed of dogs that was originally developed for blood sports such as bull baiting and dog fighting. 

-They are usually known for their highly aggressive and energetic behavior, huge brick-like head, wide jaws, medium sized and their muscular appearance. 

-Just like every other dog, pitbulls need to have a balanced diet that is rich in proteins, curbs, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. However, every breed has its unique nutritional requirement depending on its energy levels and body size.However, the most important thing is to ensure that these dogs are fed with foods that meet their nutritional values. 

Below are some of the best foods for pitbulls:

1. Dry dog foods

Dry foods are perfect for pitbulls. Not only are they cheap but are also convenient and easy to store. Quality of dry foods can vary depending o the manufacturer. However, as you buy, you should check ingredients mentioned on the packet. Some of dog foods for pitbulls contain sources of animal proteins including chicken, lamb, venison, beef, and duck. They also contain carbohydrates sources such as sweet potatoes.
Best Dog Food For Pitbulls
Best brands for dogs dry foods:


-Innova Ivo


These brands are known for offering the best dry foods for pitbulls.
The good thing about dry foods is that they can be stored over the length of time. However, it should be noted that storing foods for a long time can affect its nutritional value.

 2. Semi-moist foods

Semi moist foods are made up of water and meat products and are quite popular with dogs. However, everyone should know that high sugar content and preservatives can affect dog’s health in the long run.
Best Dog Food For Pitbulls
 Best brands for semi-moist foods include:

· By Nature Organics

· Wysong

· Wellness

· Innova Evo.

3. Canned foods

This type of food is essentially the most popular and the best foods for pitbulls. The reason as to why they are considered to be the best is because unlike dry food, canned foods needs carbohydrates stabilizer in the formula. Moreover, canned dog foods helps greatly in meeting dogs daily water requirements thus preventing it from being dehydrated.
Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

Foods that pitbulls should not eat:

1. Chocolate

To pitbulls, chocolate acts as a stimulant and makes dog’s heartbeat to accelerate or beat regularly. This can lead to seizures or even cardiac attack.

 2. Grapes and raisins

These two creates havoc with pitbull kidney and digestive system if used in the long run.

3. Macadamia nuts

Even though the exact chemical is unknown, even a small portion of macadamia nuts can cause fever, seizures, irregular heartbeat or even paralysis.

4. Caffeinated beverages

Similar to chocolate, caffeine is a stimulant and can negatively impact pitbull heart rate causing heart attacks or seizures.

 5. Raw fish

Raw fish, and most especially salmon contains parasites such as fluke larvae. Once the dog consumes the raw fish, larvae hatches in the digestive tract and attaches itself to intestinal walls. Symptoms may take weeks to appear and may mimic other canine diseases but may be fatal. One should cook the fish thoroughly before feeding the dog to ensure all the parasites are dead.
Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

How much should a pitbull eat?


Depending on the size one wants him to grow, 2 cups two times a day is okay. However, if she is hungry after some hours one can add her a cup.

 Adult pitbull

Adult pitbull needs to eat around 20 pounds of dog food a month. However, it is better to feed her a cup of food for three to four times a day. This is better than giving her one large meal a day which can be bad for the digestive system.
Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

In conclusion, everyone should understand that feeding pitbulls is very important for their survival. To keep them fit and healthy, one needs to follow the above information on the best dog food for pitbulls.

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Nutrisource Dog Food

Nutrisource Dog Food Review

Dog food refers food intended for consumption by the dogs. Unlike other carnivorous such as the lion and the leopard, dogs have special teeth that are adapted to their mode of feeding.They have sharp pointed teeth known as the canines foe eating and tearing of flesh.In spite of all these carnivorous adaptations of dogs to their mode of feeding, they have managed to survive on the ecological niche of meat and non meat scraps and human left overs.This has made them to thrive on a variety of foods.
Nutrisource Dog Food
Scientists have proven that commercially manufactured dog food is the best food to give a dog. This is because it contains a whole number of nutrients ranging from protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. All these are essential in promoting robust health and to always be alert.Unlike the raw food the dog is prone to many diseases and therefore its health is always at risk of getting parasites such as the hook worm from the raw foods .
There are a variety of nutrisource dog food which include: 

-Nutrisource grain chicken dry dog food 30lb 
-Nutrisource Sm/ Med breed dry puppy food 18lb
-Nutrisource large breed dog chicken/rice food 33lb 
-Nutrisource heartland select GF dry dog food 30lb
-Nutri large breed chicken/rice puppy food 30lb 
-Nutrisource select grain free sea food, and rice dog food
-Nutrisource grain free lamb adult and puppy food 5lb
-Nutrisource grain free lamb adult and puppy food 30lb
Nutrisource Dog Food
Nutrisource adult dog food 
-It is loaded with super premium nutrition and it is scientifically digestible.

-It contains real chicken which offers high quality protein which that to maintain muscles and mass strength in dogs. 

-Nutrisource is a blend of chicken, rice and carefully selected brand of ingredients that provide long life span to the dog. 

-The chicken blend provides a wholesome taste that will keep bound to its food.

-It is made with Organic Selenium and Organic zinc.
-Real chicken to provide tasty meal.
-No wheat.
-26% protein content.
-16% fat content.

Chicken and rice ingredients which include; barley, chicken fat ,white rice, oat meal, fish meal, egg products, salts, proteinated mineral (for example the copper proteinate and manganese proteinate to provide protein minerals to the dog),Yeast culture such as saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The dog meal contains a variety of vitamins to boost the health of the dog. These vitamins include;Vitamin A, D3 and vitamin B12 and vitamin C(ascorbic acid).
Nutrisource Dog Food
Grain free chicken dog food:
-It is made with natural ingredients such as peas , peas flour, chicken , fat and salmon meal that oil. 

-It is free from grains, gluten and does not cause allergy.

-The Ingredients features palatability and digestibility of dog food.

-According to the chicken guaranteed analysis the food contains;minimum crude protein of 28% and fat min 8.0 and max 5.0 moisture content.

-It also contains vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B12.
Nutrisource Dog Food
Nutrisource dry puppy food for small and medium puppies:
-Designed specifically to meet the needs of a small, medium breed puppies.

-It Is designed in smaller shapes making it easy for small dogs to eat. 

-It is made up real chicken and contains high level of protein and fats required for growth.

-Its ingredients includes;Chicken and rice ingredients which include; barley, chicken fat ,white rice, oat meal,fish meal, egg products, salts and proteinated minerals.
Nutrisource Dog Food
Nutrisource large breed dog food:
-Specifically designed for large and giant breeds. 

-The larger kibble size satisfies the large and giant breeds appetite for chewing and taste.

-It contain no wheat and its ingredients are Chicken and rice ingredients which include; barley, chicken fat, white rice, oat meal, fish meal, egg products, salts, proteinated mineral.

-It also contains vitamin A, D3 and vitamin B12 and vitamin C(ascorbic acid).
Nutrisource Dog Food
Nutrisource Heartland select grain free dry dog:
-Specifically formulated to aid in digestion.

-Contains chicken and bison to help in the overall growth of the dog.

-Its ingredients include bison, fat menhaden, fish meal, sunflower meal, alfalfa meal, flax seeds and sunflower oil.

-It provides optimum protein content min 25% and crude fat min 15.0 and max 7.0 moisture.

-It also contains vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B12.
Nutrisource Dog Food
In general the use this type of dog meal is of great importance since helps the dog to have strong teeth and also have the ability to sens danger from a long distance.This calls for us to buy this type of feed to our dogs keeping in mind that a dog will offer good services to you if it is on proper diet.

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Gravy Train Dog Food

 Gravy Train Dog Food Ultimate Review
Gravy Train Dog Food
Do you have a dog at home? In-case you have one then which foods do you provide in its diet? 
The best meal for you dog is the gravy train dog food
They are very nutritious and healthy. 
They are available in different brands. 
This will enable you select the best food for your pet. 

They include:

Delmonte foods 799272 gravy train dry
Gravy Train Dog Food
-This is one of the best foods for your dog. 

-The food contains the recommended ingredients hence your dog is assured of healthy body. 

-The ingredients include: beef flavor like soybean, corns, animal fat and salt. 

-It also comprises of beef and bones, cellulose gum and animal digest

-The other useful ingredients are: dried beef stock, red 40, blue 2, yellow 6, bone phosphate, folic acid and minerals like calcium iodate amongst others. 

-All these constitute of calories, crude proteins, crude fiber and moisture

-These are present in amounts of about 9%, 23%, 6% and 13% respectively. 

-This gravy drain dog food requires you to add warm water before giving to your dog. This is to make it tasty to your dog.

Gravy train canned dog food case beef
Gravy Train Dog Food
-This is also a standard food for your pet. 

-It is very nutritious hence very healthy for your dog. 

-It contains recommended ingredients of the beef chicken turkey

-These include: wheat flour, meat by products, soybean meal, soy flour, Buar gum and caramel color

-The others comprise of vitamins like Thiamine Mono-nitrate, vitamin A and E supplements and riboflavin supplement. 

-There are minerals like zinc oxide, sodium selenite and ferrous sulfate

-These ingredients are very healthy for your dog’s diet. 

-They introduce basic ingredients like fats, protein and vitamins into your dog’s body. This makes it suitable for your pet.

Gravy dog beef flavor dog food
Gravy Train Dog Food
-This gravy train dog food is most suitable for your adult dog. 

-It has well balanced nutritional ingredients for healthy growth. 

-It is very tasty hence loved by many dogs. 

-The ingredients compose of beef favored ingredients. 

-These include: potassium chloride, animal fat, cellulose gum and bone phosphate

-The other ingredients are: soybean meal, beef and bone, animal digest, caramel color and choline chloride

-It contains vitamins like vitamin A supplement, vitamin B12 supplement and vitamin D3 supplement. 

-The food also contains preservatives like tocopherols, citric acid and BHA. Yellow 5, blue2, dried beef stock and red 40 are other basic ingredients present in this tasty dog’s food. 

-Generally it constitutes about 12% moisture, 24% proteins and fiber occupies about 5%

-Calories are also present in approximately 11%

-This is very suitable for your dog’s health hence recommended diet.

Gravy train dog food chicken chunks in gravy
Gravy Train Dog Food 
-This is also a recommended brand for your dog’s diet. 

-It is very nutritious hence healthy diet. 

-It contains all the basic nutrients like fats, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates

-These ingredients are in their correct ratios. 

-This implies it will greatly improve your dog’s health. 

-The ingredients include: chicken, soybean, animal fat, guar gum and salt

-The other ingredients consist of onion spice, wheat flour and garlic spice cap

-It contains vitamins like: niacin supplement, D-calcium pantothenate and vitamin A supplement. 

-It contains minerals like zinc oxide, copper sulfate, sodium selenite, ferrous sulfate and manganous oxide

-This food is therefore very perfect solution for your dog’s diet. It is very healthy and nutritious for your pet.

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